• Create a learning atmosphere that will enhance and facilitate children’s natural ability to learn and explore their world and the environment that surrounds them. 
  • Create a multi-sensory environment that nurtures and supports the whole child and their multiple intelligence. 
  • Being lifelong learners with our students and recognize the importance of enhancing our understanding of children and their play.
  • Collaborate with staff, management and parents in our continuous growth and evolution of our ideas and practices. 
  • Play a role as a facilitator and observer that provides a variety of approaches to learning. 
  • Provide a curriculum where planning and implementation is based on the reciprocal nature of the children’s interest, needs and the teacher's quest to provide top quality education. 
  • Promote an environment rich with music and movement where children can engage in plenty of diverse and stimulating musical activities.  
  • To educate parents with developmentally appropriate practices and to engage in an active and open communication in regards to their child(s) learning. 

We have the commitment to...

We view the child as unique individuals with varying needs and abilities possessing different personalities,learning styles, ways of being intelligent and come from a variety of backgrounds and cultural heritage. 

It is our mission and our responsibility as top educators to be responsive to all of their uniqueness, variety of intelligence and honor differences while also encouraging and teaching a sense of community. 

Our Mission